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SwimFit Canine Hydrotherapy is located high above the beautiful Teign valley and many of our clients have commented that the view from the car park is one of our greatest assets. Also outside the pool is our 1/2 acre exercise area so that your dog will be comfortable before his swim.

On arrival your dog will be assessed then rinsed in our specially designed shower to remove any loose hair from their coat and grit from their feet. This time also gives us time to make friends with the dog and gain its trust. While in the shower the dog will be fitted with a buoyancy aid.

Our shower, made in Australia!!

The shower will accommodate any size of dog!

Your dog will be introduced to the pool either down the ramp or we will lift him in. We do not use any sort of mechanical hoist or a rope system to move the dog up and down the pool. We think these are very frightening for the dogs and certainly would not use them on our own dogs.

The amount of time spent in the pool will depend on the reason for the swim and the overall fitness of the dog. An initial swim may be quite short.

The pool showing the ramps.

As the dog becomes fitter and stronger the time in the water will be extended and two swim jets can be used to gradually increase the amount of effort required.


Dogs get used to the routine very quickly and really enjoy their visits to the pool. Some have to be held away from the water during their rest periods to prevent them from getting back in!!


Your dog is rinsed in the shower to remove any smell of chlorine, then towelled and dried for a comfortable journey home. Our "state of the art" dryer blows the water off the coat rather that using heat like a normal hair dryer. This method does not remove the natural oils from the coat.

We do ask that clients bring their own towels.