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As in humans, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for dogs. It involves most of the muscles used in movement without the stresses of weight-bearing exercise. As well as improving the strength and tone of muscles and increasing muscle bulk in post-operative cases hydrotherapy has the advantage of improving cardio-vascular and respiratory systems.

Swimming is particularly useful for injury and post-operative treatment in orthopedic cases because the joints are not weight bearing. Hydrotherapy can be used much earlier than normal exercise and therefore recovery can begin much more quickly.

Warm water opens the blood vessels and allows muscles to stretch giving a greater range of limb movement. The pressure of the water also acts as an anti-inflammatory which reduces pain and swelling. Increased circulation aids healing. Many vets now believe that a course of hydrotherapy to build up muscle before an operation reduces recovery time significantly.


Hydrotherapy can help with;

Pre and post operative conditioning.
Arthritis, reduction of pain and increased mobility
Hip dysplacia, especially useful with young dogs who are restricted to lead exercise.
CDRM, if diagnosed in the early stages.
Spinal injuries.
Recovery from multiple injuries
Cruciate ligament injuries and post operative recovery.
Muscle strengthening, maintenance and restoration.#
Relief of pain, swelling and stiffness.
Many other conditions.........

Many pet insurance companies will pay for hydrotherapy if referred to us by your veterinary surgeon. Check with your company...

As dogs get older, are spayed or castrated and any number of other reasons they can put on weight. Excessive weight can cause several health problems such as heart disease and arthritis.

Excessive weight also causes dogs to lose interest in life because they cannot enjoy the things that dogs do...... running after their buddies while you are calling them back, jumping on the furniture and generally getting into mischief!


If your vet has told you that your dog "needs to lose a little weight" or if you can see for yourself that your pets waistline is disappearing and he is finding it a little harder to do the things he used to do, give us a ring.

SwimFit can also advise on diet (if your vet has not already done so) and arrange a fitness programme in the pool.

We have been very successful in reducing the weight of clients who have come specifically for weight loss.

Hydrotherapy is also of benefit to fit dogs and can be used to improve strength and stamina. This is of particular interest to sport dog owners such as those involved in agility, flyball, working trials and many more. At the time of writing we have four showdogs swimming including two champions. Swimming will protect dogs against injuries sustained during normal exercise. Swimming of dogs can be done in conjunction with the use of our dry treadmill.


Another use of the pool is to swim dogs who are too young for long periods of exercise but are hyperactive without it. The pool can give the dog the equivalent of several miles walking and running without the normal stresses on young bones and joints.

SwimFit can make a vast difference to the lives of most dogs, whether they are a top flight sports dog or a much loved family pet.

Please ring us if you have any questions or queries. We will be happy to answer any questions without the "hard sell". We will always endeavor to give you an honest answer or put you in touch with someone who can.