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You may think that coming to SwimFit is like going to the vet, not very pleasant but it has to be done. Our clients (and their owners!!) will tell you that this is not at all the case.

Many of them come here for serious reasons such as rehabilitation after an injury or accident or to ward off the effects of old age such as arthritis. Some of them come for weight loss or to improve their fitness. Whatever the reason, as soon as they get used to the routine, they really enjoy their time here. To most it is just a game with their new friends!! 

This is Mike and his Weimeraner "Harley"

Harley is trained as a gundog and regularly enters field trials. If a dog does well at a trial it is invited to retrieve a dummy after crossing water. Harley was running in second place and was asked to fetch a dummy from the other side of the water. Harley declined this invitation and was dropped well down the rankings. Mike came to us and asked if we could help.  Well ...... after many weeks of patient practice Harley has no problem with the water now. We wish him lots of luck with his competition career!


This is Dylan, a 13 year old Golden Retriever. When Dylan first came to the pool he had to be helped into the pool building. Several months later he looked forward to his swims and could walk round the local reservoir. The bow on his head??? He gets water in his ears and this was our first attempt to stop it. We now have a better system involving a pair of tights........


Bentley was five months old when he came to us. He had hip and elbow problems despite the owners checking the status of both parents. He also had the same problem as Dylan in the pool..... water in the ears. After one failed prototype SwimFit came up with the "snood" made from a pair of tights! Bentley and Dylan now have their individual "snood's hanging up with the other equipment!!
Bentley's time in the pool built up his muscle so that it supports his joints reducing wear and pain. He is now like a normal teenage dog and just as naughty!


We cater for all sizes of dog, from Whippets and Yorkshire Terriers to Newfoundlands, Great Danes and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Some we just can't get onto the drying table!!#
Jeeves had a problem with his pasterns. He visited us for a few weeks while he was on holiday locally.


Bruce is a Bernese Mountain Dog who also had some joint problems. He had to take a break from swimming while he was a competitor at Crufts. He certainly can splash like a Champion!

As we have mentioned before, we can handle any size of dog from the giant breeds to the smallest toy dogs. Here are two of our recent clients.


Yogi is a Leonburger and is recovering from a cruciate ligament repair. He always seems to have a smile on his face when he leaps into the water. We have to top the pool up when Yogi has been!!


Dell is the other end of the spectrum. He is a Papillon, sometimes called a butterfly dog. Dell does agility and competition obedience but, unfortunately, has a problem with his patella. He is a real character and loves his visits to the pool. He was soon fit enough to resume his show career!


Now we come to a couple of our latest clients. Ellie is a 12 year old Labrador. She lives with a younger Lab. and was finding it hard to keep up with the youngster. She became a little depressed and generally worn out. She had an initial course and now comes fortnightly for a top up. Her added fitness has made her appear years younger in looks and fitness and she can keep up with the pup anytime!!


Kiki is a Samoyed show dog and comes to the pool fortnightly for a fitness swim. It keeps her muscled up and fit for the show ring in a way that ordinary exercise would not. Her "sister" usually keeps her company but she has been temporarily retired for maternal duties.

As you know by now the SwimFit pool is part of Jutone & Felsental German Shepherds, a breeding and show kennel. All of our show dogs regularly have a session in the pool as well as their normal free exercise.